21 Nov 2014

On Hannah: That Posh English Accent, Night Terrors, and Her Daddy's Rusty Car

It's been a little bit since I wrote just about Hannah despite the fact that her personality is exploding right now.   
Pretty in Peplum Dress at Our Family Four 19
1.) That accent.
Every time that I post a video the first thing that people comment on is the kids' accents.  The days where I pretended that having two American parents was going to coerce the children into sounding like us are gone and I've accepted that in this area we are the low man on the totem pole.
Actually the other day Jayce and Hannah teamed up on me and both started mocking me.  I said something about crafts, and Hannah said, "No mommy, not cray-yafts.  Crofts." 
 Me: I said crafts!
Jayce, with a small smile:  No mom.  Crofts.  
 I'm used to them occasionally making fun of Chris' slight southern accent, but not used to them both making fun of my American accent!  Come on, guys!
Pretty in Peplum Dress at Our Family Four 20
Also the other day Hannah told me that she didn't want her Cherios because they were "ill colored."  What three year old says that?!  
I laughed.  They were the same color as the other ones in the box, but still.  

School is obviously playing an enormous role in this, and when she sang me this new song a few weeks ago that she learned in class, I realized that since she is learning in an English accent, when she repeats them it is in full force.  Listen to this 18 second clip where all of her "ar"s have melted away into "o"s.
Chris and Hannah at Kew Gardens 1
2.) Hannah owns Chris.
When Chris gets home from work Hannah wants to keep full tabs on him.  Not necessarily that she wants him to be playing with her, but she just wants to know exactly where he is, and he had better not try to slip out to take out the trash without her.  
She LOVES to go for little trips with him to get milk from the corner store, to pick up take out at the local Noodle Bar, or get doughnuts on Saturday mornings.  She just wanders along beside him, holding his hand and chatting away, observing every little thing that she sees along the way.
The other day Chris left for some reason while Hannah was playing in the living room.  As soon as she heard the door close, she ran over to the door, muttering "Oh no!  Oh no!" to herself as she went.  Then she stopped at the door and with both arms at her sides yelled, "HEY!!  Open up that door!!" which he did.  We don't normally take orders from our three year old, but she was so adamant and really we just thought it was funny.  But yep, that's Hannah.
Alligator at Kew Gardens 13.) We've been having trouble these last few weeks with (what we think is) night terrors.  She wakes up sobbing and even when we are holding her, downstairs, with the lights and cartoons on, she is still crying, asking me to snuggle her, and writhing in my arms.  It's really sad and I'm not really sure what to do about it, if there is anything to be done other than snuggle her until she calms down and seems to feel better.  She isn't nervous when we put her to bed and is totally calm and happy at bedtime, she just wakes up a few hours later in a completely different state.  If anyone has any tips for this sort of thing, please let me know, I'd love to hear them!!

20 Nov 2014

Wool and Denim Daphne Bag for Pattern Parcel

Daphne Bag at Our Family Four watermarked
By now you will know about Pattern Parcel, the company that allows you to name your price for a bundle of patterns that are available for a limited time and proceeds go to charity.

18 Nov 2014

Constant Change: On London, Preschool, and Me

When Renee invited me to pariticipate in a sewing series about Constant Change, I easily accepted.  I didn't have to think very hard about what I would make, because I was already in the middle of sewing because of the biggest changes in my life. 
About Me 6
 Also, I feel like "change" and I are pretty darn well acquainted with one another.

14 Nov 2014

Sewing to Sell Book Review, Giveaway, and Liberty Pretties for You

**The giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations Amanda!**
I recently had the chance to read and review the beautiful book Sewing to Sell, and I have to say that it is fantastic.  Just go ahead and add this to your Christmas list now.
11060 FrontCover FullSizeIf you are a sewer then this book has you covered from every angle.  But if you knit, or paint, assemble your craft in some other way, this book is still a great read and fully applicable. It is a guidebook through the maker-seller world that walks you all the way through the make-to-sell process.  It covers everything from deciding who your customer is, what your brand is, where to sell, how to advertise, staging and photography, pricing, packaging…all of it. 
Liberty Pincushions Group Sewing to Sell watermark

12 Nov 2014

On Jayce and Sweet Luck

One evening a few weeks ago, Jayce asked me for a piece of paper close to bedtime.  About fifteen later, he came into the bedroom where I was reading Hannah a bedtime story, instructed me to close my eyes while he read me the title of the poem, which was,  "This Poem is Called I Love You."  Then he read this to me.
IMG 5668

7 Nov 2014

When in Nottingham, Visit Batman's House

Wollaton Hall Cafe  Garden 23
When we were in Nottingham for the Robin Hood Marathon we had one day that was completely free.  We wandered into their tourist board the day that we arrived to grab some pamphlets and ended up talking with one of the employees about some of the options.  We then had the following conversation.
Wollaton Hall Outside 1
Him: Are you guys fans of the Batman movies?
Us: Yes.
Him: Have you seen The Dark Knight Rises?
Us: Of course.
Him: Did you know that the place where they filmed the scenes of Wayne Manor is in Nottingham?
Us: Can you please tell us exactly how to get there?

5 Nov 2014

Pretty in Peplum Dress & Girl Charlee Giveaway

Pretty in Peplum Dress at Our Family Four watermarked
When Abby from Sew Much Ado asked if I'd like to be a part of the pattern tour for her newest pattern the Pretty in Peplum Dress & Top I couldn't say yes quick enough because I had wanted this pattern for months.  When I was scrolling through my Pinterest boards recently I realized I had pinned this dress months ago not even realizing that it was a pattern in the works.  Funny, right?


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