22 Oct 2014

Two Wides Make a Right

Olivia Top and Hosh Pants at Our Family Four 1
My friends, I am very sorry that it has finally turned off cold in the mid-west.  But for some odd reason, it is still relatively warm here in London.  Don't kill me for saying so, because it will probably still be chilly here when you are wearing your spring clothes. (I'm thinking of last year when it snowed while we were doing our Easter Egg hunt.)  I know that the days of thick sweaters and and wolly hats are ahead of us, but while we are enjoying the last few gusts of warmish autumn air, I had to get Hannah into this all-wide ensemble.
Olivia Top and Hosh Pants at Our Family Four 2Olivia Top and Hosh Pants at Our Family Four 3
I'm not sure why she decided to plop right down, but we went with it.  What other options are there for sassy 3 year olds who are being photographed?
Olivia Top and Hosh Pants at Our Family Four 7Olivia Top and Hosh Pants at Our Family Four 8
Anyway, the top is the Olivia Top by Cali Faye, who you might remember I am a huge fan of.  I think I have a dozen of her patterns, literally.
Olivia Top at Our Family Four 1
The only modification that I made to the top were the straps, where I added a little sweet cotton lace detail across the shoulder between the straps.
Olivia Top at Our Family Four 2
The pattern guides you to choose your child's size based on their chest measurement, which I did.  But it turns out that though Hannah has a tiny bodice, she is tall for that size and I was worried that this top would be too short on her in a few months.  I have big plans to keep it on her through the fall underneath cardigans, so I added the lace at the top to drop it down a little bit and give her a little more length.  The next one that I make I will simply add a good 3-4 inches to the hem and call it a day.  I love that the elastic around the bodice lets this top grow with your child, so I'm trying to take advantage of that any way that I can.  There is nothing that bums me out like packing up outgrown hand mades, so I'll avoid that as long as I can. :)
Olivia Top and Hosh Pants at Our Family Four 10
Next up are the Hosh Pants, by Lou Bee Clothing, a designer whom I have made three different versions of each of the patterns of hers that I own.  The Hosh Pants is an excellent staple pattern as is, BUT has recently gained a cool-cat makeover and is about to be re-released very soon.  It has new options, including one for wide legs and a yoga band style waist, which is what I sewed up.
Olivia Top and Hosh Pants at Our Family Four 16Olivia Top and Hosh Pants at Our Family Four 9
First off, it's comfy.  Soooo comfy.  The main part of Hannah's pants are sewn up with the same charcoal gray knit that I used to make my Syrah Skirt, so I can attest to the wearability and comfort factor.  That yoga band is perfect for supporting but not digging into that round post-toddler belly that we love so much around here.  Plus, you're pants are obviously comfy if you keep plopping down on the ground in them, sweatpants style, right? 
Olivia Top and Hosh Pants at Our Family Four 4Olivia Top and Hosh Pants at Our Family Four 5
(I will miss the "smile while saying cheese" face when it goes.)
Second, I just cannot resist the "wide-leg pants on a small child" cuteness factor.  While I was sewing these up I realized that they had a little bit of a mini-executive look to them, so instead of downplaying that that I decided to just go with it, and added wide cuffs to the bottom and pressed a big pleat down the middle.  It still looks girly with her flowy top and sandals, and so long as I don't pair it with a little briefcase I think it is perfect.  
Olivia Top and Hosh Pants at Our Family Four 11Olivia Top and Hosh Pants at Our Family Four 12
Hannah agrees. Particularly when she's not being blinded by the sun. 
Olivia Top and Hosh Pants at Our Family Four 8
Linking this bad boy up over at Kids Clothes Week.  Two more still to come this week.  Hopefully.  Fingers crossed that the latter part of the week is productive.

21 Oct 2014

Floral Color-Blocked Syrah Skirt for Perfect Pattern Parcel #6

Syrah Skirt at Our Family Four 7Well folks, it's about that time again.  Perfect Pattern Parcel time.
Syrah Skirt at Our Family Four 6NewImage
You already know that I love this company.  A collection of fantastic patterns at a discount, YOU CHOOSE the price, all proceeds go to charity.  Money saver, wardrobe filler, do good-er.  Check, check and check.  I have sewed previous parcels for myselffor Jayce, and for Hannah, and now it's back to me again. :)  You can only get this collection for a limited time, so get it now, here.

16 Oct 2014

The Robin Hood Marathon

Robin Hood Marathon Day 18Robin Hood Marathon Day 16
A few weeks ago we all went to Nottingham for a long weekend so that Chris and Chelsea could run the Robin Hood Marathon there on Sunday morning.  We kicked around a bit on Friday after we got in, visited Wayne Manor on Saturday (more on that later) and on Sunday the runners headed out for a long morning.

14 Oct 2014

Around Here: Chelsea, Masters Degree, and Moving

 If it seems like things have been particularly quiet around here again, they haven't.  That is, unless by "around here" you mean "on the computer," in which case they have.  I have had more problems with my hands, and working on the computer just doesn't really work for me at the moment.  If you were thinking yourself, "Why in the world are you typing this blog if you're having so many problems with your hands?"  The answer, thanks to my amazing and full of helpful info brother, is that I am currently using a Siri like device on my computer.
And it is awesome.  Awesome.
Trigger finger 2 2Trigger finger 3
 Anyway, the first and biggest change around our household in the last week is that our fifth family member moved back to the US.
 You might be wondering to yourself, "Sooooo, does that mean that Chelsea is finish with her masters degree?" And the answer to that is yes!  In fact, she killed it.

30 Sep 2014

They Get Sick

IMG 5419It has come to my attention since being a parent that kids often have a particular way that sickness manifests itself in each child.  Some kids are highly susceptible to tummy bugs, others  ear/sinus/chest infections, some it's croup, and many other horrible things to keep your kids on medicine and you up at night.

25 Sep 2014

Hooded Lace Sunki Dress for Perfect Pattern Parcel #5

I am so happy to be a part of Perfect Pattern Parcel's tour today and sharing my version of this bundle's Bonus Pattern.  I'm almost as happy as my little leaf-cruncher below.  
Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 2Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 5
This Sunki Dress is one of six patterns that are a part of Perfect Pattern Parcel's recent bundle.
Have you heard of Perfect Pattern Parcel?  I wrote about them when they had a women's bundle and I did some sewing for myself here, here, and here, and again earlier this month when I made some things for Jayce here and here, and now some autumn sewing for Hannah!

24 Sep 2014

Gems During the Bedtime Stall Time

The bedtime stall is the source of my biggest love/hate relationship.  I hate it but I love it.  It's strange how both things are so fully and equally true.
Hannah bw 1
I realize that the whole "the kids just won't go to bed" story is the oldest in the book and not very interesting.  We can all just agree that our kids are worth it (times infinity), but the process of going through the evening periodically remembering things that require your attention but are instead allocated into your mental back pocket is very tiring. (I never emailed so-and-so back two days ago!  Must get those clothes out of the washer!  Must find some clippers because this hangnail is going to be the end of me!)  By the time we get through dinner/ clean up/ bath time/ pjs/ story time,  I wander downstairs trying to remember what required my urgent attention, and the only thing happening in my mind is a little like the "beeeeeeeeeep" of the Emergency Broadcast System.
Then I plop down on the couch with Chris and only remember once I'm in bed that I never hung up the laundry.  (Ask him how many times this has happened.)  And I just forget that I never responded to that email, which is why I am NOT one of those people who uses their inbox as a To-Do list.  Sorry friends!
Jayce bw 1
That said, once my kids have had a few minutes to themselves in their beds, have already gotten up for water and bathroom trips, and extra hugs and kisses goodnight, the funniest little things start floating around in their heads.  When they are removed from the distraction of their toys, the tv, and anything else, they suddenly remember all sorts of details that had previously been forgotten about, or something they were thinking about and dying to tell us.  And these are GEMS. 

They're not necessarily always deep, but occasionally they are.

They're often funny, but not roll-on-the-floor-with-laughter funny.  It's just always so amusing to discover what is rolling around in kids' heads.
Mom, some day can we get Wifi?
We have Wifi buddy.
Oh.  What is Wifi?
A Knight Hoodie  Our Family Four 9
Me: Thanks for letting me take those pictures today of you in your cool knight hoodie.  Now I can send those to your grandmas and grandpas so they can see.
J: Are you going to put them on Google?
Me: Uhh…no…?
J: Oh.  I love Google.
Navy Floral Giraffe 1The other night when I was rocking Hannah before bed, she told me ALL about her day.  About her friend whose name she couldn't remember, to how many times she used the potty, to how she drank her warm milk all up into her tummy.  She'd had a nightmare the night before and all of the major child-fear players were involved: monsters, spiders, and dinosaurs.
10689718 10152784391029319 5318507590532659099 nWe actually just found out that she was afraid of dinosaurs last week when she filled out her preschool About Me sheet.  Not only is she afraid of dinosaurs, but "more dinosaurs" as well.  
Like I said, gems.
I wish I could remember more of them right now and I always think when I'm in the middle of these conversations that I wished I had a little recorder, but for now this will have to do.  


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