30 Sep 2014

They Get Sick

IMG 5419It has come to my attention since being a parent that kids often have a particular way that sickness manifests itself in each child.  Some kids are highly susceptible to tummy bugs, others  ear/sinus/chest infections, some it's croup, and many other horrible things to keep your kids on medicine and you up at night.

My kids are the ones that almost never get any sort of tummy bug.  Jayce has one time, Hannah never has had it.  But in seven day's time they both got sick and both were memorable for non-gory detail reasons.

IMG 5417Poor Jayce got sick at school.  Don't you just hate that?  Luckily for him it was at the very end of the school day, about five minutes before pickup.  

But unluckily for him it was a 'fish fingers and chips for lunch' day, combined with a hot afternoon, a warm classroom, and a jeans day.  It was a recipe for an unhappy stomach and that is what we got.

My poor bud was sick and sick and sick, while the teacher and I stood nearby offering encouragement, tissues, and water.

Hannah went home with some of her friends and I loaded poor Jayce into her stroller and pushed his poor worn out self home.  I made him a bed on the couch where he rested for a bit and perked up considerably as the evening went on.  He ate dinner and jumped on the couch before the night was over.  We're blaming the fish and chips.

IMG 5360IMG 5361

With Hannah it was our first night in Nottingham this past weekend.  There were five of us so we had to split into two rooms: the three girls in one room and the two boys in the other room.  Which means that Chris did not get to experience Hannah's random 4 am puking.

She had started off the night in the cot, but I heard her making strange gagging noises and put her in bed with me so I could keep an eye on her and grab her if need be.  And yes, there was a need.

That said, after she was sick she was in the best mood, talking my ear off in the bathtub, and once we were back in bed telling me that we should take a picture of us girls to send to daddy, which we did.  (The above right picture, where neither of us could keep our eyes open for the flash since we were in a pitch black hotel room.)

But you have to love a three year old's version of being sick, which she told everyone about the next day.

"My tummy and my neck made a silly noise, and then the yucky water comed out of my mouth and got all over myself."

Which is pretty accurate.

And sweet since it only happened once.

25 Sep 2014

Hooded Lace Sunki Dress for Perfect Pattern Parcel #5

I am so happy to be a part of Perfect Pattern Parcel's tour today and sharing my version of this bundle's Bonus Pattern.  I'm almost as happy as my little leaf-cruncher below.  
Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 2Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 5
This Sunki Dress is one of six patterns that are a part of Perfect Pattern Parcel's recent bundle.
Have you heard of Perfect Pattern Parcel?  I wrote about them when they had a women's bundle and I did some sewing for myself here, here, and here, and again earlier this month when I made some things for Jayce here and here, and now some autumn sewing for Hannah!
Pattern Parcel #5: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win
Perfect Pattern Parcel is an incredible idea and I love being able to support them and show off a few of the designs that are a part of their bundle.  The collection gives you an a group of patterns that compliment one another to fill your little lady's wardrobe, but PPP donates 100% of all profits to Donors Choose, an organization that provides for classrooms in need.  The patterns are offered at a discount from what you would pay if you purchased each one individually, you choose the price that you pay for the bundle, your purchase supports the designers behind these small businesses, AND ALL PROFITS go to CHARITY!  It's a complete win-win situation.
The bundle is only available for a limited amount of time and that time is almost up, so grab it quick!!
This pattern is for girls and covers a HUGE size range, from little ladies to early teens.  Check out the bundle to see the sizes here.
Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 35
The bonus pattern is the darling Sunki Dress which has been on my to-make list for over a year now.  Hannah has a slew of dresses from my summer sewing, so I thought she could use something a bit more comfy and warm as we head into the cooler months.  The pattern calls for a woven material but instead I decided to try out a soft gray knit.  
Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 31Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 26
Since I was using knit I sized down and omitted the back closure completely.  Also, because I never seem to be able to spread a pattern out in front of me without getting (potentially) too many ideas, I added a lace overlay to the middle piece, dark chambray piping around the pockets, and changed the sleeves to a more traditional puff sleeve instead of overlapping tulip-type shoulders.
Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 25
Oh yeah.  And I added a hood.
Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 30Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 24
I used the neckline and hood option from my beloved favorite fall pattern from last year (for him and her), the Bimaa Sweater.
Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 19Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 28
I just love this dress!! I had thought that the addition of the hood and the knit material would make it more casual, but I might have sabotaged that by adding the lace which I think bumped it right back up to dressy-ish.  Right?  Or semi-dressy?  But it's still casual enough that she could wear it with jeans or jeggings so I'm happy with it.   
Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 32Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 27
This bundle is only available for another week, so grab it quick, here, before it's all gone. :)  
Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 4Ps-Hannah was just killing me in these pictures.  She didn't want to stop running away and stomping through the leaves, so we told her that she should freeze like Elsa since she had an Elsa braid.  (I do realize that Anna is the one that got frozen and not Elsa, but, work with me here.)  This is how she put herself when she was frozen.  Leaning against the wall, ankles crossed, and all sorts of sass. 
Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 15Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 16
This girl. :)
Hooden Sunki Dress at Our Family Four 7

24 Sep 2014

Gems During the Bedtime Stall Time

The bedtime stall is the source of my biggest love/hate relationship.  I hate it but I love it.  It's strange how both things are so fully and equally true.
Hannah bw 1
I realize that the whole "the kids just won't go to bed" story is the oldest in the book and not very interesting.  We can all just agree that our kids are worth it (times infinity), but the process of going through the evening periodically remembering things that require your attention but are instead allocated into your mental back pocket is very tiring. (I never emailed so-and-so back two days ago!  Must get those clothes out of the washer!  Must find some clippers because this hangnail is going to be the end of me!)  By the time we get through dinner/ clean up/ bath time/ pjs/ story time,  I wander downstairs trying to remember what required my urgent attention, and the only thing happening in my mind is a little like the "beeeeeeeeeep" of the Emergency Broadcast System.
Then I plop down on the couch with Chris and only remember once I'm in bed that I never hung up the laundry.  (Ask him how many times this has happened.)  And I just forget that I never responded to that email, which is why I am NOT one of those people who uses their inbox as a To-Do list.  Sorry friends!
Jayce bw 1
That said, once my kids have had a few minutes to themselves in their beds, have already gotten up for water and bathroom trips, and extra hugs and kisses goodnight, the funniest little things start floating around in their heads.  When they are removed from the distraction of their toys, the tv, and anything else, they suddenly remember all sorts of details that had previously been forgotten about, or something they were thinking about and dying to tell us.  And these are GEMS. 

They're not necessarily always deep, but occasionally they are.

They're often funny, but not roll-on-the-floor-with-laughter funny.  It's just always so amusing to discover what is rolling around in kids' heads.
Mom, some day can we get Wifi?
We have Wifi buddy.
Oh.  What is Wifi?
A Knight Hoodie  Our Family Four 9
Me: Thanks for letting me take those pictures today of you in your cool knight hoodie.  Now I can send those to your grandmas and grandpas so they can see.
J: Are you going to put them on Google?
Me: Uhh…no…?
J: Oh.  I love Google.
Navy Floral Giraffe 1The other night when I was rocking Hannah before bed, she told me ALL about her day.  About her friend whose name she couldn't remember, to how many times she used the potty, to how she drank her warm milk all up into her tummy.  She'd had a nightmare the night before and all of the major child-fear players were involved: monsters, spiders, and dinosaurs.
10689718 10152784391029319 5318507590532659099 nWe actually just found out that she was afraid of dinosaurs last week when she filled out her preschool About Me sheet.  Not only is she afraid of dinosaurs, but "more dinosaurs" as well.  
Like I said, gems.
I wish I could remember more of them right now and I always think when I'm in the middle of these conversations that I wished I had a little recorder, but for now this will have to do.  

22 Sep 2014

Then Hannah Went to Preschool

JNH 1On Friday morning, a few weeks after Jayce started Year 2, Hannah started preschool.  I felt like we had been dangling it in front of her for forever, with her visiting her classroom in July and asking to go regularly since.  Every day when we dropped Jayce off at his class or picked him up after school she asked "Can I go to my Butterfly class now?" and I did my very best to distract her. But I was out of tricks and it was soooo time.

18 Sep 2014

Around Here: School, Crazy, School, Loss

As always, the absence of blogging does not mean a slower pace of things around here but a greater pace of things.  It is worth mentioning also, the uninteresting but important news that I have done something to my hands/wrists/arms that is making them regularly/constantly sore, stiff, and numb.  I had an accompanying photo that I took one morning last week of my hand covered by my trusty bag of frozen peas, but it was just a little too depressing for a blog post.  But I'm trying some different things and hoping to get back to normal soon.
In light of that, here is a slightly shorter than usual "around here."
York House 4My buddy has been back in school now for about 3 weeks.  The first week or so back was rough, which I imagine we should have been braced for but we weren't, as our chilled out little guy came home more temperamental than I have ever seen.  Actually it was a lot like the stereotypical "young girl with PMS," with random outbursts, lots of stomping and pouting, and irrational rage that was highly disproportionate to the offenses.

8 Sep 2014

Side By Side

I'm not sure how things are at other people's houses, but for us there is only one day a year where we consistently get a picture that can easily show growth and change like the "first morning of school picture."  Even on the kids' birthdays when there are lots of pictures of one of them, we rarely get a family photo or a picture of both kids together.  But the morning of the first day of school, we do it, we plan for it, I tell them all ahead of time to be ready for it.  
Here are Jayce's First Day Pictures and Jayce and Hannah on each of his first days of English Primary School.  
(For pictures of the whole family, one parent at a time, or more details, click through on the year to go to the original post.)
Firstday 1Firstday 2Firstday 8

6 Sep 2014

The First Day of Year Two

Year Two First Day 6This past Wednesday was Jayce's first day of school.  He is in Year 2 now, in the Otter class.
Year Two First Day 3


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