30 Jan 2015

On Parenting and Greediness and Gratefulness and Christmas

One Saturday last month there was a small Christmas fair at the end of our street.  You could hear the blaring Christmas music in our flat, the kids could see the helter-skelter from the window by the steps, and they watched it excitedly while it was all being set up in the morning.  The kids knew that we were going to go to the fair after they woke up from their naps, and when they finally did get up it was the fastest that they've ever had shoes and coats on to get out the door.
Kids 1

26 Jan 2015

Right Now: Contributing, Falling, Growing, and Ageing

2015 Sewing Rabbit Team1.) Me
Sooo, this is pretty fun news, right?  I am one of the core contributors for The Sewing Rabbit blog for 2015 and I am really excited about it.  My first post is actually not a sewing post, it's a DIY one, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH.  It is killing me not to have been instagramming it this past week.  No joke.

22 Jan 2015

A Christmas Skip Day with A Side of Anxiety

Skip Day 3
A few weeks ago, just before Christmas, the kids got up as usual, had breakfast, puttered around the house a little bit, and then Chris and I informed them that they were not going to school that day, and instead we were going into the city.  We did something like this last year, although it was arguably a little more exciting last year because Jayce had no idea what was happening then.  But he was immediately surprised that morning and then eager to start our adventure.

17 Jan 2015

Night Terrors

Wollaton Park Playground 18Wollaton Park Playground 16
My little peanut has started having night terrors again.  The poor little thing.

12 Jan 2015

Called Out by My Kids

Jayce and I 1
I think I'm a pretty good parent.  
I don't think that I'm perfect, but I also don't think I need to be perfect.  I strive to be the best that I can each day under the circumstances.  On the days when I've lost my patience or my temper and I feel like a terrible mom, I remind myself that every day is a new day and I have a chance to try again and do better.  I also think that taking time every once in a while to re-evaluate what Chris and I are doing and see what we can do better or differently is important, and last month my kids each helped me on this number.
The week before Christmas I got called out by both of my kids at different times and they stuck with me.  It wasn't anything huge but I took note.
First was Jayce.

8 Jan 2015

2014 Handmade Pieces: Gone But Not Forgotten

Over the last week I have seen several of my favorite sewing bloggers doing a 2014 Review post, where they post a collection of the things that they've made for the year.  I always read them because it's so inspiring to see a years worth of makes all together, and interesting to read different thought processes on what they liked, didn't like, would do differently, etc.
But this isn't one of those posts.
Ribbet collagewm
I tried a few different times last week to write a post like this on my own but I just couldn't.  Did you know that Chris and I went away to Bath for a weekend in June?  That our family went to Disney World this summer?  That we pulled the kids out of school for a little London Christmas skip day a few weeks ago?  I have a backlog of things that I want to post about but haven't been able to, and every time that I start to work on re-posting things I've already posted…my motivation just fizzles right out.  I keep my Flickr site and my I Sew Page updated, so you could check those if you'd like to see all of my creations all together. 
BUT there are several really good things that I made in 2014 and loved but didn't blog about for one reason or another, and I LOVED pulling this list together.  

5 Jan 2015

Mini Hudson Pants: Piped and Bold Pocket-ed

Mini Hudson Our Family Four wm
On more than one occasion I have made something for Hannah and then immediately said something along the lines of "I want this exact outfit in my size."  
The difference this time is that I do have this pattern in my size, and I bought the dusty blue and magenta stretch cotton terry fabric in the above picture to make Hudson Pants for myself.  But then Kelli at True Bias released a Mini Hudson Pants pattern last month and that was it.  I almost always choose to sew for my kids instead of myself and I never regret it.  And gosh do I love these.


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