15 Apr 2015

Bubble Magic

Bubbles 10Bubbles 14Hannah has been dying to go outside to do bubbles since February, but we didn't have any and I didn't make it a priority to get some.  But last week I texted Chris at the end of the day and asked him to swing by the Pound Store on the way home and it was basically Hannah's dream come true.  Jayce initially wasn't interested but quickly changed his mind and decided to join in too.

30 Mar 2015

Chelsea's Graduation

Chelsea s Graduation Ceremony 2Just over three weeks ago Chelsea graduated from St Mary's with her Master's Degree.  Despite the fact that it is typically a much smaller scale than in the US, she had ten guests as her party because everyone wanted to cheer her on to victory.

26 Mar 2015

Three Year Olds and Mature Conversation

Hannah mirror 1Oh Hannah.  I have brought up our conversations many times before.  Talking with you often makes us smile because of your alarmingly strong British inflection, your sweetly descriptive re-telling of events, and your choice of British words.  But in the past few weeks you have kicked things up a notch by regularly using words that seem a little advanced for your age.  I end up texting your dad in the middle of the day saying things like, "Hannah just used the word 'otherwise' in a sentence."
 Do three year olds usually say otherwise?  I don't feel like they do.  Actually I was a little more startled that you used it correctly.

24 Mar 2015

Irish Dancing

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'll just go ahead and admit that I never remember St Patrick's Day.  The kids don't do anything special at school, I don't send them in green because they're in uniforms (or at least Jayce is), and I don't think to do special holiday things around the house like dye our various meals green.  I know, pretty lame, right?  But I forget year after year.

However, I DO have this wonderful video of Hannah and Hadley dancing with professional Irish dancers at an Irish Pub in Disney World.  She absolutely adored this and killed it on the dance floor.  Watch for around :40 when she does a double high kick and gets cheers from the other diners.  Hadley was like, "Uh…I'll just let Hannah do this one."

I have watched this video over and over since this summer.  It is so my girl, ready to dive into whatever it is, full force.

And it's so cute that she can't find her hips to put her hands on.  Three year olds just kill me.

19 Mar 2015

Family In, Family Out

In the last few weeks all of these happy people have been here and then gone again.

Family 2There is something wonderful about seeing family for special occasions, and there is something else that's wonderful about seeing them for no reason in particular.  Typically we see our family about once a year when we descend on their homes, take their rooms, and dip into their lives full force for a few days or a week.  But it is good in a different way when they get to hang out with us in our daily things: bus rides, school runs, favorite dinners, nap times, daily dress up or lego building.  

Family 4It's never been easy for us to leave our families, even if we have grown accustomed to it over the last decade or so.  But it's becoming increasingly harder on they kids.  

For two weeks we had an influx of people that changed each day.  There were different combinations of people over for dinner, picking the kids up from school, hanging out in the living room, and staying over night.  It was great, sometimes a little tricky, but also deeply satisfying.  Unfortunately, the kids got used to people being around, and when everyone left they had to reacquaint themselves with the reality that their extended family is just not around on a day-to-day basis.  

For a few days after everyone left there would be comments at dinner like, "Wait! Justin and Tasha can sit in those seats!"

No, they aren't in London anymore.

"Mom, I'll look out the window for Grandma and Chelsea to come back!"

This was for the next few days after we had watched them take a taxi to the airport from that window.

Family 1I used to try to distract the kids from being disappointed whenever we left family or they left us.  

I know you're sad that we're leaving grandma and grandpa, but aren't you excited to get back to London to see your friends?  I know they're missed you so much!

But I haven't done much of that this week.  I don't want to pull a veil over how enjoyable it was to have everyone around just to help the kids cope with disappointment now that it is over.  Instead I've just been letting them talk and affirming them when necessary.

I'm sorry you're sad.  I miss them too.  That was really fun when we all went to the park, wasn't it?  If they come visit again, what should we show them that we forgot this time?

Family 3Also there has been chocolate, the king of all coping mechanisms.  And naps.  Lots of naps.

10 Mar 2015

Around Here: Graduation, Features, and Sibling Photos

This is a very brief catch up because my family is all here and I need to get back to family business.  But here are three quick things.

First, I couldn't go another day without posting a picture of our graduate.  

Graduation 2She did it!!  And she's the first Golden with an MSc.  We're so proud of her and there are more pictures, but for now here is a picture of when it all became official.

Graduation 1Or this one, if you need a better picture of her modeling her shoes.

IMG 6469

Second, the kids got their school sibling photos back this week and I am dying over them.  Dying.  Even though I take pictures of my kids all of the time, this two-in-one school photo is just killing me with cuteness, and I am tempted to buy the biggest photo package that they offer so that I can pass this picture out to every single person I've ever known.  The mom-ness in me is just bubbling over.

Screen Shot 2015 03 10 at 1 55 56 PM

Third, have you heard of Kollabora?  It is a website that features the work of various artisans: seamstresses, knitters, and various other creatives.  It's great for eye candy, new ideas for projects, seeing what new patterns have been released in the sewing community, and sharing the things that you have made with the other members.  I was so excited last week when they asked if I would like to be a featured member!  They sent along a few questions and the post went live yesterday, you can read it here.  It's really fun, aside from having to describe myself in three words. Seriously.  How would you describe yourself in three words?

And that's that!  Have a good week!


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