13 Apr 2014

Pindar Paisley Retro Tank

Retro Tunic 14Retro Tunic 13
I first found this adorable Retro Tank Pattern from Amelie Clothing when I was writing my Kids Clothes Week plans post.  I fell in love with this Netherlands-based shop and the whimsical style of their children's clothing designs.  
Retro Tunic 6
The thing I loved the most about this pattern was the ADORABLE side tail detail.  As I've said a million times before, I am a sucker for a swingy shape on a girl's shirt or dress.  I cannot resist patterns with this element.  But this one has the swing shape plus that side tail, and a button and loop back closure, and that sealed the deal for me.  Absolutely adorable.
Retro Tunic 2
I think Hannah likes it too,  because she kept reaching down to grab the edge of the shirt and then spinning around.  What little girl doesn't like a nice "spinny" shirt when given the option?
Retro Tunic 4Retro Tunic 3
Actually, I laughed when I was editing these photos because she is holding onto the edge of the shirt in almost all of the pictures.  It's a shirt and a security blanket all in one. :)
Retro Tunic 12
I thought a special pattern like this deserved a special fabric and I had one that I had been saving for just the right thing.  I got this Alexander Henry Pindar Paisley from the shop Sew Deja Vu in Stow Ohio, where my aunt Cindi works.  (Hi Aunt Cindi!!)  The print has a large elaborate floral pattern throughout the whole panel, and I wanted a pattern with no gathers or pleats so that it would really showcase the design.  I think this top worked out perfectly.
Retro Tunic 15Also, it's great for running.
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I'm linking this project up at Kid's Clothes Week.  Come over and prepare to be inspired!
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12 Apr 2014

Shandiin Tops and Tunic

Shandiin3 11Shandiinbutton 4Shandiin1 5
I was lucky enough to be a tester for Lou Bee Clothing's latest pattern, the Shandiig Top and Tunic, which basically means that I got a short head start on assembling a Lou Bee Trio, as I seem to do with Sarah's patterns.  (You can see my autumnal triple Bimaa obsession here.) 
Shandiin1 2
Shandiin #1 is this pink and blue feathered tunic.  
Shandiin1 4
Feathers or leaves?  I don't know.  
I got this fabric when I was pregnant with her, just after I found out she was a girl.  It seems a little funny to me that this fabric does the gender neutral thing by using both pink and blue, but with gray, and even though she's obviously a girl I decided to accent with blue.  Maybe that's just a little indication as to my feelings about pink.  Although i guess the rest of her wardrobe is some indication of that as well.  Anyway...
Shandiin1 7Shandiin1 9
I love the length of this, just below the butt with a swingy shape.  I added a cinch-able bias tape through the bottom hem for options, but while it's this length on her I just love it loose.  It's great for sidewalk chalk and running as well.
Shandiin1 6
Shandiin #2 is a top as opposed to a tunic, with a front button closure and plackets on the outside for extra detail.  
Shandiinbutton 4
Shandiinbutton 6Shandiinbutton 5
It is so perfect and delicious.  I love it.  The cutout is just so so fun, and paired with that swing hem, and this retro fabric…sigh.  Love.Shandiinbutton 3
Shandiin #3 is basically summertime in the form of a top.
Shandiin3 3Shandiin3 8
  I put this on her and asked her to hold her arms out so I could check the fit, and she said,
"Oh, that's okay mom.  I'm going to the beach." 
Yeah Hannah.  Me too.  No problem.
Shandiin3 12Shandiin3 11
Instead she worked on the chalkboard, which is the next best thing to the beach.  
I did a solid front, like Shandiin #1, but the top length, like Shandiin #2, but an elastic waist, which is unique to Shandiin #3.  There will not be a quiz.
Shandiin3 10Shandiin3 6
I was so excited that this worked out because it let me get in my last scrap of this beautiful floral fabric that I used on a dress for her last year, and that dress was almost immediately too small for her.  I had a little bit left and the color-blocking on this top let me use it. 
Shandiin3 5
Whew!  Great pattern, right?  I've done 3 of these babies in a week, and I still have more ideas.  But my hands are a little numb, so I'm going to stop just for a few.  
Keep an eye out at Lou Bee Clothing for the release of this pattern soon.
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Ribbet+collage4I'm linking this project up at Kid's Clothes Week.  Come over and prepare to be inspired!
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11 Apr 2014

Oasis Sally Dress

Sally 1Last summer when the Sally Dress came out I was obsessed.  It's just so darn cute, right?  Right.  It's amazing.
Meadow Sally Dress 10Now that I've actually made one, I'm beyond obsessed. 
Meadow Sally Dress 12Meadow Sally Dress 4
That little pointy squared edge on the shoulder just kills me!   Hannah has very chunky little shoulders and upper arms, so generally I'm a fan of anything that really puts them on display.  
Meadow Sally Dress 9
I have to admit, it took some concentration to put this pattern together.  The instructions aren't overly complex, it's just that putting together the fully-lined top bodice required a few new methods that I've never used in constructing a dress, and I just didn't get it at first.  I put the sides of that baby together the wrong way, and then I tried to put it together the way that I normally do a bodice and ended up seam ripping out the sides a second time.  All the while I was telling myself, "This is why you listen to the pattern designers Erin!  Don't try to modify it before you understand it!"  Sometimes I'm just such a terrible listener.
But once I followed the directions one step at a time I was there.  And the result is lovely.
Meadow Sally Dress 1
I was dying to use this amazing Leah Duncan fabric, but I didn't have quite as much on hand as the pattern called for for the skirt.  I ended up adding 4 pleats to the front and the back of the skirt until it fit the width of the bodice, and then sewed it up.  If you're thinking it's much less full than the other Sally Dresses you've seen you'd be right, but I still love it.
Even in a sweater, and even on a seesaw, it's just so great. 
It's the official Easter Sunday dress, no doubt.
Meadow Sally Dress 3Meadow Sally Dress 11
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I'm linking this project up at Kid's Clothes Week.  Come over and prepare to be inspired!

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10 Apr 2014

Mini Me: Cardigan, Navy, Stripes, and Floral

 Mini Me 4Mini Me 1Mini Me 10
This week's theme on Kid's Clothes week is mini me.  I had originally planned to up-cycle one of my old things into something for Hannah, but it didn't work, so the wheels were still spinning in my mind and I hadn't made a decision yet.  But as I put her into this outfit yesterday, I glanced down and...
IMG 3204Yep.  Me.

9 Apr 2014

V Neck V Back Geranium

V Neck Geranium 2
V Neck Geranium 17V Neck Geranium 8
V Neck Geranium 13
Ahhh, the Geranium dress.  I have made it so many times now and yet it has never stopped being a thoroughly satisfying sew.  But of course, in the spirit of experimentation I had to switch it up a little bit.


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